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On 1099-form-online.com, you can not only download the 1099 Form printable free version but also fill free 1099 forms online. We provide all the latest online 1099 Form 2019 versions so that you can fill them out and send confidently. Our 1099 online form free filling tool lets you fill each box and reconcile your information with properly filled examples. If you don’t have enough time to get into the process, or it seems too difficult or nerve-taking to you, you’re welcome to contact us and request professional help from our assistants. They will fill all the needed 1099 forms online and send them to you via e-mail as soon as possible. Want to know more about the 1099 Form? Read this article to know everything about different types of 1099 tax forms and to be able to select the needed form quickly. If you don’t know how to define your current taxpayer status, our lawyers will help you anytime.

Form 1099 For Dividends & Interest

For owners of stock investments and shares in mutual funds, the IRS designed Form 1099-DIV. It’s used for reporting income from dividends and distributions. For taxable interest profits, payers (usually banks that hold your accounts) should send you Form 1099-INT by January.

Form 1099 MISC

Form 1099 MISC IRS is the most common 1099 type that’s sent to independent contractors and self-employed from entities that pay over $600 during the tax year. If these entities pay less, you still have to report your income through the tax report. If you’re a payer, you can fill 1099 MISC Form online free.

Tax Refunds & Unemployment Compensations

For those who receive state income tax refunds and unemployment compensations, the local government should file Form 1099-G. Use it to report the right amount of refunds and compensations in your return.


Do I Need SSA 1099 Form?

To answer this question, you should clarify whether you receive any benefits from the Social Security service or not. If you do, the organization should send you a Social Security Form 1099 every January to report the amount of payment done over the tax year.

Can I File 1099 MISC Online Free?

Of course! 1099-form-online.com lets you not only download and fill this form but also send it directly to the contractor. We don’t charge users for filling and filing the form, no matter how many copies you need.

Should I Use 1099 form 2019?

We recommend you to use only the latest versions of forms as they may have critical differences depending on the year of the design. You can get any version of the 1099 Form 2020 free online on 1099-form-online.com, so there’s no need to use older versions and risk to fail your annual filing.
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